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Who is Progress?


You've heard of Oracle, right?  Well, Progress is the same type of thing, they just don't advertise on TV or in magazines.  They have wonderful products, that are very easy to maintain and utilize.
Progress is the name of the company who developed the database product and the source code language of the KIPHS software. 
Progress databases are extremely easy to use, change, and update.  They don't require us to have to come to your site to do version upgrades.  They rarely, if ever, crash.  They never lose data (that's the programmers' job), and they can stay up for months at a time.
For those of you with short attention spans like me, here is a paragraph that summarizes the study:
"Aberdeen's research shows that the VCO (Visible Cost of Ownership) for implementing a basic 25-concurrent-user Progress workgroup database and maintaining it for five years is approximately $52,230, while the VCO for implementing and maintaining a basic 25-concurrent-user Microsoft SQL Server application is approximately $62,127. The VCO for implementing a 100-user Progress enterprise database and maintaining it for five years is approximately $265,780, whereas the VCO for implementing and maintaining a 100-user Oracle database is approximately $517,259."
So, basically, we are trying to say that Progress, although virtually unknown to all but the techno-geeks, is a very good database product, and a very powerful language.  We just thought you might like to know this stuff.

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