The KIPHS team would like to provide its current users and potential buyers with the best information and support we can.

Remote Control Support

Please call the help desk at 1-877-90KIPHS

(1-877-905-4747) to initiate a support session

Then, the support technician will direct you to click the link below and enter a "Session Key" to allow a KIPHS, Inc. support technician to take control of your computer temporarily in order to assist you. 
*NOTE: This program installs a temporary program that will remove itself after the technician disconnects.  Once this connection is terminated, there are no residual programs remaining on your computer.  Each time you choose to connect, the software is installed, and each time it is disconnected, it is uninstalled.  This software cannot be run without you choosing to connect from your end.

p. 1.877.905.4747 or 1.877.90KIPHS

f. 316.682.0905


400 N. Woodlawn Suite 1

Wichita, KS 67208