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PHClinic Upgrade Page


11/21 - 2:00pm 11/21 - 2:00pm

Version 7.0 has all of the database changes and enhancements that 7.1 has, but the screens are still the original smaller size to accommodate health departments that have older monitors and cannot upgrade to 7.1 yet.

New larger screen sizes and buttons that will be needed for upcoming enhancements.  Please make sure your health department has no smaller square monitors, or you will have issues with the screens not fitting.
Alternate link   Alternate link
Version changes by release are sent through email, or can be sent again by request.


1. Click on the link to the file.
2. Choose either option to download or save the file to disk.
3. If you choose to save the file to disk, remember where you saved it, and using Windows Explorer, find the file, and run it by double-clicking it.
4. Update any remote laptops with the release as well.
If you have any problems upgrading, please call Tech Support at 1-877-905-4747 (toll free).
(Please click here for full installation instructions.) 

p. 1.877.905.4747 or 1.877.90KIPHS

f. 316.682.0905


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